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GACHA TIKTOK Channels ARE TAKING OVER GACHA! Reacting To Gacha Tiktok l Gamers Nation FT. Girlfriend
Gamers Nation

GACHA TIKTOK Channels ARE TAKING OVER GACHA! Reacting To Gacha Tiktok l Gamers Nation FT. Girlfriend

Reacting To Gacha Tiktok Compilation / Gacha Tiktok Compilations Channels, With My Girlfriend! This Reaction Was Built On Our Personal Opinions And Perspective, if you disagree with something we said you're More Than Welcome To Leave the video or Dislike but do not force your opinions on us! On The Other Hand, If You Liked or Enjoyed the Content and wanna see More of this A Like And A Nice Comment Would Mean A Lot To Us! In Episode 1 of the Reaction Series Will Be Reacting To : @꧁T I N G T I N G꧂ @Chin Chin In The Next Episode Will Be Reacting To : @Jena Gacha @Devil Bona And Other Creators Who Make Gacha Heat Thumbnails! Disclaimer: The Pictures In The Thumbnail Is Taken From Gacha TIKTOK Channels *Verified Gacha Channels* If you're from The Youtube Review Team you're More than welcome to take These Thumbnails Down, Here are The Links! by @Jena Gacha Link For Picture iN case They Remove Them! By @I'm Obbie Link For Picture iN case They Remove Them! For Sponsorship, inquiries Email Me At : #gacha #gachatiktok #reacting Script: hey guys you're joined by your host gamersnation and ray here so today we're going to be reacting to gacha Life TikTok compilation videos but the main focus of the reaction is not gonna be on TikTok videos but more on uh fun itself and drama obviously and clear in this video apparently she forgot her script it's on the channels themselves, first of all, we didn't script it's a whole honest reaction yes it's an honest reaction but i told her to say channels we have to be honest here can't be a January actually like that we are going to be reacting to some of these channel videos but the main reaction is going to be on the channels obviously, i won't think of something japanese chinchin is a gacha based TikTok compilation channel from how it looks like yes all the videos here are mainly TikTok compilations and you can see they they are all yes episodes 59 58 and all of them are TikTok compilations it is a channel with 80 000 subscribers i will give you the amazing role of reading the description to us, okay so it says everything you'll get your life get your cup TikTok on this channel makes sure to subscribe so apparently this channel is made in October 5th 2021 and it has 22 million views something looks off like the channel icon is stolen yes from anime the videos themselves look interesting all the same pattern just like how tiktok works that person that has a channel what do you expect from them like age gender it doesn't have to be generally sexist it's not about being sexist just i know what like what would you guys expect from the channel itself yes like 16 17-year-old probably a TikTok fan you don't have to call like girls don't forget that we girls can do a lot of things too yes but eighty per cent of my subscribers are girls so it says a lot about that gacha community that's girls arguments i would go with that video apparently it's not made by a girl it's a guy i'm not being sexist here we're just giving our honest opinions i'm kind of surprised expecting our fellow girls to be more talented than guys here but okay where's the talent in stealing confidence in the first place oh yeah this year so encounter but let's dive deep into the video before us we're going to watch got your life tiktok combination hashtag interesting intro so literally stealing TikTok click logo ding ding shame on you thing then so there's this trend on these channels they steal compilations from compilations before we watch the video let's just read the description uh it doesn't sound like a kid making that one honestly it sounds like uh someone who knows about legal rules and stuff like SEO i mean here no no no legal youtube lines like an adult like an extreme adult because they're even just added uh please contact me if you want me to remove something so that is a legal thing actually i don't think okay but there's something interesting boom boom i've seen that channel before we should go check it maybe that is again this logo is a bit too similar with the other one that we just watched that is too interesting i think that those creators are maybe the same people it can be yes and you will know about that more when you i like it it is actually very cute but then it's stolen by think things shame on you shame on you Ting Ting welcome back to part two of ray reacting to comments hey let's see if you have some drama here or not after we're done leave a nice comment i hope we see you next one and bye bye bye have a nice day

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