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Gacha SEX & why they love it

Updated: May 22, 2022

lately, there has been a trend By popular Gacha content creators to make externally sexual and inappropriate thumbnails on their Gacha TikTok compilation videos, other than the fact that it’s sexual content “these creators have more than a million followers “

so why isn’t YouTube doing anything?

the answer is simple they either did not get to see their extreme breaking of YouTube community guidelines or they chose to ignore it! Let's get to know these Gacha TikTok creators!


a Gacha heat sex TikTok based TikTok channel with over a 100Million views and over 100k subscribers “their subscribers are hidden“

their channel thumbnails Promote gachaheat gachasex animesex gachatiktok content without any regard to youtube rules and guidelines

Their YouTube channel

things you might have not known

They use sexual Gacha heat sex thumbnails on their new videos and after a week or so they change them to normal thumbnails!


Un-honorable mentions

chin chin YouTube channel which is probably linked to bum bum YouTube channel #gachasex

clap snap Gacha YouTube channel “kid-focused“

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